Tessell is a GWT application framework


  • View generation of the MVP/UiBinder interfaces/implementations that allow for fast, DOM-decoupled unit tests but that suck to code by hand
  • Rich models to make your application's presenter/business logic more declarative and have less spaghetti/inner class code
  • Dispatch-style server/client AJAX communication
  • Stubs for awesome, out-of-the-box tests
  • Conventions for forms, row tables, and cell tables


Tessell is available in the repo.tessell.org repository:

  • org.tessell tessell-user 2.6.8
  • org.tessell tessell-dev 2.6.8
  • org.tessell tessell-apt 2.6.3

Note Tessell has very frequent releases, so these will be out of date; check the repo for the latest.

For integrating Tessell into your project, see getting started.


Note if you have problems on FF/Ubuntu with stream not found, you might try installing the Flash-Aid extension and using a Flayer directly from Adobe. See this forum thread about FF/Flowplayer issues.


Open Source

Tessell is licensed under the Apache Software License and available on github: tessell.

Following the github project is also the best way to stay in the loop on changes.